Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We don't make false promises. We make written guarantees.

Our Guarantee Program

It is very difficult to predict outcomes to marketing efforts. We have seen salesmen for big national companies promise amazing results on search engines, lead generation, etc, and their client gets burned big time. When the client tries to ask why “X, Y and Z” promises weren’t kept, they are referred to a contract that guarantees nothing.

Salesmen are great at building up false expectations to induce a sale. We are the opposite. We want you to understand that outcomes are incredibly difficult to predict, particularly when you consider the unknown variables like how a search engine’s algorithm change may stir up rankings or if a new big shot competitor comes on the scene and wipes you out after spending multiple times your budget to do so.

We want our clients to know that they need to be wary of people who make such promises, especially when they don’t back it up at all in their contract.

Horizons does have a guarantee program that we offer certain circumstances, where we have done our homework to make a specific performance guarantee on search engine rankings with confidence enough to put it in writing.

Why do we do this?

We want our clients to feel like they aren’t being ripped off. Many who have become clients have had terrible past experiences, and our guarantee program is in part to address these concerns.

Our contracts establish a long-term commitment to our clients’ success, which further helps prospective clients feel comfortable that they aren’t dealing with anyone who will leave them hanging.

Moreover, our clients want to see these results. People don’t pay to have a terrible looking website hang out on page 7. They want premium placement and a website that engages visitors and converts on objectives.

This ultimately allows us to keep our focus on outcomes. Our focus on outcomes is what separates us from our competitors. With them, you’re buying a scope of work that focus on completing and collecting their fee.

WIth us, you’re buying outcomes, and that is where the value is in all of this.

What Guarantees Do We Make?

Not every client gets a guarantee. In some cases, there are far too many variables or the competition is prohibitively high to make a guarantee on a client’s budget.

What we will guarantee are two different outcomes on search engine-related results.

First, we have a Page One Guarantee that places the campaign’s primary keywords on page 1 within the respective local or regional market.

Secondly, we have a Top Local Guarantee that places a client’s website ahead of all other local competitors.

In instances where non-local competitors are achieving local visibility (i.e. directory websites ranking for local business searches), we do not consider non-local competitors as a part of this equation.

This is due in part to the fact that a directory page, for example, is not a local business that directly competes. Additionally, many of these are achieving these rankings with the funding resources of a national business, and therefore it would be prohibitive, unreasonable and ineffective to try and beat them. Ultimately, searchers are looking for local results anyways, which is what matters most to our clients.

What If We Fail?

We haven’t failed a client to date, but if we can’t achieve the relevant outcome for any of your primary keywords over a specified period of time, then you have two options.

First, you can cancel the contract, and we will refund you three months of contract fees.

Alternatively, if you still like the progress we have made and want to continue to have an active internet marketing campaign managed by our team, then the next 6 months are on the house.

Our willingness to continue at no cost to you is a reflection on our desire to make you successful. We don’t want to cut and run at the first sign of trouble.

We don’t guarantee outcomes because we have some magic formula to game the search algorithms on Google. There is no magic wand. We simply practice solid fundamentals focused on making you deserve better rankings by outclassing your competition.

The outcomes simply follow.


The Smart Approach

Don’t get sucked in to people trying to sell you a website, because it probably isn’t going to perform.

If you want to talk to a real professional – not a salesperson – about our Smart Approach method and what strategies can work for your business and your market, then just give us a call.

Give Us A Call: 800.504.9667

The Internet Marketing Playbook

The Internet Marketing Playbook

A foundation in solid fundamentals yields great results, and the Internet Marketing Playbook is our rundown of the core components that we find yield the greatest results for our clients.

Check Out the Playbook

Want to learn how the Smart Approach can help your business?

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