Internet Marketing

For Law Firms

Internet Marketing for Law Firms

So many law practices are stuck on outdated methods of phone book advertising that still cost them hundreds or thousands of dollars a month while delivering very little value in return.

Law firms are routinely hounded by the sales forces of large national brands trying to sell them websites at prices that are inflated by sales commissions and thin air. Shockingly enough, many attorneys don’t read the contract language these companies offer, which sates that the firms don’t even own their own website!

While many think they pay huge monthly fees for valuable services like SEO, the real charges are to “lease” the provider’s intellectual property to you the client.

And what’s worse, firms often pay all this money, and they still don’t show up when you search Google for keywords related to the practice areas they were trying to grow! We have seen firms literally pay into six figures and yet they don’t make the top 20-pages before Google cuts off their search results years into having their site.

If you aren’t ranking competitively for your practice areas in local Google searches, then you simply are missing out on the potential that the Internet has to bring in new clients.

“I track very closely how my bankruptcy clients happen to come to our firm. Most are driven by internet searches … A number of those who said they did an internet search to find a bankruptcy attorney also said that our firm was the top one to pop up in the search results.”

Law Firm marketing is how we came into business. We simply saw the need, the lack of quality within the industry and the opportunity to outshine our competitors by truly becoming a part of our clients’ teams.

Horizons Web Marketing forms long-term relationships with our clients, because that is what it takes to truly promote their success and achieve the best results over long periods of time. There are no quick, permanent solutions that ever pay off in the long run.

Our experience within the legal industry allows us to deliver far more value and customer service that is tailored to attorneys.

We know attorneys are busy. They need to be billing hours, not creating websites. Therefore our process requires minimal time on their part as we come up with designs and content that we propose instead of placing the burden on their busy schedules.

We make it simple, easy and as minimally invasive on their time as possible. And we use effective SEO and Internet marketing strategies to achieve the outcomes they need: domination on Google searches.

I wasn’t just impressed by how quickly we saw results on our search rankings.  What stood out to me was the improved quality of cases our office was receiving from phone calls generated by our website.

Injury Law Firm Client

Marketing law firms is all about highlighting practice areas that are primed to perform – and doing it in a smart way. Do you devote serious resources to promoting “family law” keywords or “divorce?” Yes, divorce is a subset of family law, but most people in a ready-to-buy “I need a lawyer” mindset aren’t going to Google family law keywords. They are probably going to be Googling divorce keywords.

The other part about law firms is they typically focus on a local market. Our services focus on making our clients the dominant position in their market. We recommend long-term campaigns with either page 1 or top local position outcome goals, and we make it happen.

Because of this, our “top local” contracts are exclusive. We won’t work to make two different injury law firms the number one local result in their market. It doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t seem right, and therefore we don’t do it.

Our law firm marketing experts are available to speak to firms who are serious about taking their internet marketing to the next level. Give us a call any time during business hours, and you can speak to a knowledgeable professional about your firm, your practice areas and your market.

Top 5 Reasons Law Firms Choose Us

1. No Salesmen

They never deal with salesmen. Only professionals who will be working on their projects.

2. We Save You Time =

So many firms buy websites and are then told to come up with all of the content. You’re probably not professional marketers and SEO wizards. We are. So we take the burden off of you here, which means you can stick to billing hours.

3. We Are Local

We have clients all over, but we aren’t a huge and impersonal company. All of our clients can pick up the phone at any time and talk directly to the person who is responsible for getting them results.

4. High Quality

We have had nothing but satisfied law firm clients due to the quality of our research and planning, content development, SEO strategies, custom photography and other aspects of our Smart Approach Internet marketing campaigns.

5.We Get Results

Our focus on creating outcomes separates us from the rest. We provide guarantees for premium placement on search engines. And we deliver. That means generating more leads and even improved quality of cases to grow your practice areas.


The Smart Approach

Don’t get sucked in to people trying to sell you a website, because it probably isn’t going to perform.

If you want to talk to a real professional – not a salesperson – about our Smart Approach method and what strategies can work for your business and your market, then just give us a call.

Give Us A Call: 800.504.9667

The Internet Marketing Playbook

The Internet Marketing Playbook

A foundation in solid fundamentals yields great results, and the Internet Marketing Playbook is our rundown of the core components that we find yield the greatest results for our clients.

Check Out the Playbook

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When someone searches for your practice areas, can they find you?

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