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Without SEO, your eCommerce investment can fall flat on its face

eCommerce websites can be big business. Websites can drive sales and profit for your company.

eCommerce sites can, however, fail miserably. We have seen “best in class” designs that look far better than all of a company’s competitors, yet their website’s performance is among the worst.

The difference is SEO. We are surprised at how often we see websites that businesses invest in to drive sales, where the website is lacking even some of the rudimentary basics of SEO.

If you are starting an eCommerce project, know this…

SEO should have a seat at the table when developing a new eCommerce website.

Horizons Web Marketing is not a firm that specializes in producing eCommerce websites. We can, but it’s not our core competency, and therefore it’s not a standard offering.

However, we do consulting for eCommerce clients who need SEO work or input into their process.

It is absolutely critical for anyone who is currently considering or in the planning or development on an eCommerce project to understand the importance of SEO and its role in an eCommerce site’s future success.

If you have an eCommerce website that is under development or in the planning stages, and you don’t have an SEO professional involved in the planning stages, we seriously urge you to invest in giving an SEO professional a seat at that table.

Why should you have an SEO person early on?

“I don’t need an SEO person right now, because we’re in the design and development phases.”

Sure. Have fun paying to go back and fix the common errors that designers and developers commit all the time. They aren’t trained SEO pros. They are designers and developers.

With an SEO person involved in these early stages, you will avoid problems before they happen. This translates into cost avoidance.

Most importantly, it will prevent you from staring at analytics data ad nauseum trying to debate the root of the problem and best solutions later. You won’t watch your traffic profile plummet off of a cliff if you’re re-launching a new version of your eCommerce website.

Don’t limp along and struggle to drag your website out of obscurity on Google searches. Enable your project to grow by giving it the legs it needs with good SEO from the outset.

What can you do for us?

In the end, eCommerce is about sales and profit. If you can’t be found on search, good luck achieving a volume of sales that covers your COGS and overhead.

If you have a project coming up or that you are currently working on, we would be happy to have an introductory conversation to better get to know your circumstances and how we may be able to help you.

We do additionally offer SEO audits for existing eCommerce websites for anyone looking to bring in a third party opinion.

If you would like to talk, just give us a call to talk to a professional. There are no salesmen here.

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The Internet Marketing Playbook

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