Cincinnati: 2.8 million devices are searching Google

Can they find your business?

The Cincinnati Search Market

The metro Cincinnati area is home to over 2.3 million people (2012 DMA), making it the one of the largest cities we deal with in our home area.

One thing that makes Cincinnati a great place to market yourself on the Internet is the fact that it has over 2.8 million devices that search Google (Source: Google Reach, Nielsen DMA for Cincinnati).

With 1.22 devices per person, people in Cincinnati are actively searching Google.

Cincinnati has a lot to offer, and the ability to grow your local business by reaching search traffic in the Cincinnati metro region is one of them.

Cincinnati SEO

The size and relatively high engagement of the Cincinnati search market makes Cincinnati SEO very difficult, because the market is likely to be highly competitive.

That being said, if you own a business or professional firm, then Cincinnati is a great opportunity for you to tap into this search market as a resource for growth.

Every business or firm has different objectives. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to making this work for you.

Our Smart Approach method of Internet marketing provides a general guideline to what can make your local business take advantage of the local search market.

We focus on three core components to building a successful campaign: traffic, engagement and conversion.

Traffic comes first. The best looking website in the world is worthless if nobody knows it exists. Building a traffic profile defined by the quality of local searchers looking to buy or engage with your business is where our local SEO shines. Achieving premium local search rankings can be a game changer for your business.

Next comes engagement. You only make one first impression, and people almost instantaneously decide to stay or leave your website based off of this first impression. You need to capture their attention through engaging web design. With the increasingly mobile world, we rely on responsive web design to cater to the mobile and tablet users.

It’s ultimately all about driving conversions. What are your conversion goals? Online sales? Lead generation? Email sign-ups? Facebook likes? Everything we do with Internet marketing is focused on creating the outcomes our clients desire, and conversions are how we measure success.

You can learn more about our Smart Approach solutions online, or you can call 800.504.9667 to talk to a professional today.

No salesmen. No pressure.

We are happy to get to know more about you and your Cincinnati business, see what your needs are and whether or not we would be a good fit for making your goals a reality.

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The Smart Approach

Don’t get sucked in to people trying to sell you a website, because it probably isn’t going to perform.

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The Internet Marketing Playbook

The Internet Marketing Playbook

A foundation in solid fundamentals yields great results, and the Internet Marketing Playbook is our rundown of the core components that we find yield the greatest results for our clients.

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