Internet Marketing for Small to Medium Businesses

Internet Marketing for Businesses

When someone searches for your product or service, can they find you?

Internet Marketing for Businesses

Convincing a business they need to market their product or service online is usually an easy task. The challenge is finding the proper intersection of marketing goals and budget that creates maximum effect.

The reality is that people search. And if your products or services are in any sort of competitive marketplace, then chances are your business can benefit from better positioning on Google searches, especially.

Our Smart Approach brand of Internet marketing solutions focuses on the following three core elements to achieving successful outcomes for our clients:

  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. Conversion

Traffic comes first, because the best looking website in the world is useless if nobody knows it exists. Growing a larger base of qualified traffic to your site is the lynchpin in most key performance indicators of success. We rely primarily on SEO to position clients ahead of competitors on relevant keyword searches.

Engagement is next up to bat. You only make one first impression, and users decide almost instantaneously whether or not they want to stay on a website based on this first impression. Websites that impress are important. In today’s increasingly mobile world, our emphasis on catering to the mobile and tablet audience with responsive web design pays dividends in this arena.

Everything in our campaigns acts as a marketing funnel towards your conversion goals. Whether it’s lead generation, online sales, email list growth, social media growth, etc. We remain focused on these conversion outcomes.

What is the Best Solution for My Business?

Internet marketing for businesses is very broad to begin with. When someone asks us about creating a website, SEO or handling their Internet marketing for them, we don’t press the gas and say “sure.” We need to ask questions first.

Are you B2B or B2C? Do you sell products or services? What is your customer profile? What about your target market? Are you a local business, or are you targeting growth on a regional, national or international level?

The answers to these questions all factor into creating a unique strategy for how we recommend to best market your business, products or services on the Internet. There are no simple answers to

B2B and B2C businesses have entirely different needs. Typically, B2B-related Google searches are lower volume. How many people need HR consulting versus products or services that appeal to the much larger consumer market?

That is not to say that B2B is irrelevant. Indeed, B2B sales may be lower volume but higher impact, and therefore the advantages of smart marketing and high Google rankings are there.

B2C-related searches are more ripe for building a larger base of traffic and more potential customers.

In all cases, the details of your specific business, industry, positioning and competitors for your keywords on Google searches will all influence what we think is smart for you.

Want to talk ideas about how we can promote your business? Pick up the phone and speak with an Internet marketing professional today.

As an entrepreneur, I started this company with a no-nonsense approach to creating ROI for my clients.  Having a background in business and a team with diverse backgrounds helps us to craft strategies that perform.  It’s all about creating outcomes, and that’s what we do best.

– J. Austin McCubbin, CEO/Founder, Horizons Web Marketing

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The Smart Approach

Don’t get sucked in to people trying to sell you a website, because it probably isn’t going to perform.

If you want to talk to a real professional – not a salesperson – about our Smart Approach method and what strategies can work for your business and your market, then just give us a call.

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The Internet Marketing Playbook

The Internet Marketing Playbook

A foundation in solid fundamentals yields great results, and the Internet Marketing Playbook is our rundown of the core components that we find yield the greatest results for our clients.

Check Out the Playbook

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